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Your custom home builder

        When you imagine what your ultimate life looks like it is impossible to not include your home. The single biggest purchase of your life and the world you create as your own for you and your family. When considering how absolutely important this is to you and your everyday life it becomes so clear why we do what we do here at Connor MacDonald Construction. The level that you put into your dream of the perfect home is exactly why we put ourselves into every job we do. Striving for the absolute best is not only because we pride ourselves on our product but also because of the pride you take in your home. Never would we consider less for you or us!

       The evidence is in the way we run our business: local, hometown, personalized. Our business model is rooted in traditional service, customer assurance, and the kind of hard work and attention to detail that are hard to find in today’s fast paced environment. This is further ensured in our process of customer communication, we are with you step by step working towards your dream. This commitment to achieving the best product is a direct result of living in an amazing community filled with amazing people. Providing the best for the best is easy when you love what you do in a place you love to do it!

       At Connor MacDonald Construction we take great pride in ensuring home is the showpiece that you want to come home to everyday. We go above and beyond to make sure the journey to get there is just as great as the destination. We stand by our customers 100% and by our work 100%. The quality of work we provide ensures the process of vision to reality is exactly the one you want to be a part of. Our level of dedication and hard work are exhibited in all we do. The core values of our business are and will always be to ensure we work hard, efficiently and to the highest quality. We are just as excited to create your dream as you are to live it.

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